Our History 


Apex Foster Care was founded in 1999 to offer treatment services to youth in a home environment with highly skilled and nurturing Foster Parents. We are proud to have provided quality foster care services for twenty years. However, we have evolved into an agency that is focused on prevention and ongoing care of those within in our social services system by providing diverse services that meet the unique needs of families in our community. It only made sense in our growth that Apex Foster Care become Apex Family Care. While foster care continues to be a necessity in some cases, we want to ensure that our name indicates that we are an organization that is working to prevent the trauma of removal whenever possible. Strengthening and healing at-risk families is our focus.



                    Administrative Team

Trisha Behrens

Chief Executive Officer                                                                                  trisha@apexfamily.org


Alicia Zuger

Chief Financial Officer                                                                                   alicia@apexfamily.org


Trudy Bussing

Finance Manager                                                                                             trudy@apexfamily.org


Marlon Brewer                                                                                               marlon@apexfamily.org

Vice President                                                                                                  


Erika Casson                                                                                                  erika@apexfamily.org

Out of Home Supervisor


Sara Rahaman                                                                                                sarar@apexfamily.org

Project Coordinator


Chelsey King                                                                                                   chelsey@apexfamily.org

Administrative Assistant

                              In Home

Jenny Lewis

In-Home Services Director                                                                            jenny@apexfamily.org


Shauna Love

Compliance & Program Development Coordinator                                      shauna@apexfamily.org


Wesley Burgett                                                                                              wesley@apexfamily.org

In-Home Services Team Lead


                   Licensing Specialists

Annie Ring                                                                                                 annie@apexfamily.org


Brittany Clark                                                                                            brittany@apexfamily.org

                 Foster Care Specialists 

Mikaela Clark                                                                                           mikaela@apexfamily.org


Jessica Brutsche                                                                                         jess@apexfamily.org


Emma Dauer                                                                                              emma@apexfamily.org


Shannon Mitchell                                                                                       shannon@apexfamily.org


Contact Us


9802 Nicholas Street

Omaha, NE 68114


Phone: (402) 571-5400

Fax: (402) 571-5412

Email: info@apexfostercare.com


Or use our contact form.

Apex Emergency Phone:

(402) 880-6737


CPS Hotline:

(800) 652-1999


National Suicide Hotline 

(800) 273-8255


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