In-Home Services


Goals of the Program


Apex provides In-Home Services with the goal of strengthening and supporting at-risk families in order to maintain placement of children with their families whenever it can be done safely

 In-Home Services are essential to keeping children connected to their support systems of friends, siblings, extended family, and school. Through in-home services, appropriate resources can help parents focus on addressing the issues that lead or could lead to abuse or neglect.


Population Served


Clients for In-Home Services are referred by DHHS and/or the case management agency of the Omaha Metro Area. In-home services are provided to children and families who have been reported to child protective services (CPS) for possible child abuse or neglect and who are assessed as being able to benefit from services delivered in the home. These are generally families who have an “open case” with DHHS or referring agency and whose children remain at home or are moving toward returning home. The services may be court ordered or be part of an agreed upon case plan. 


Parenting Time


Parenting Time is an In-Home Service designed to assist with family reunification. Parenting Time focuses on increasing parental capabilities, monitoring safety, and actively assisting with positive interactions among youth and families. Frequency and length of stay are outlined between client and referring agency and Apex adheres to outlined prescription of services.


Parenting Time will focus on the following:


  • Improvement of youth and/or family functioning
  • Parental Capabilities  
  • Family Interactions
  • Family Safety
  • Child Well-Being  
  • Healthy, safe, secure and appropriate interactions of all family members


Family Support


Apex receives referrals for this service when barriers exist to a child successfully returning to the home or when the child is at-risk of removal due to existing risks. Family Support will provide educational interventions and strategies that develop individual or family skills necessary so youth can safely remain in the home or reunify with caregiver.


Components of the Family Support may include:

  • Review and adherence to the safety plan when necessary
  • Improvement of youth and/or family functioning in the areas of environment, parental capabilities, family interactions, family safety, child well-being, social/community life, self-sufficiency, family health



Intensive In-Home (All Levels)


Apex provides interventions that utilize educational strategies to enhance family skill development. Services are separated in two levels: Intensive In-Home level 1 and Intensive In-Home level 2. Level 1 utilizes a single-professional approach, while Level 2 utilizes a team consisting of two or more professionals (a coordinated approach). 




If you would like to know more about the In-Home Services program or have questions please contact Jenny at 402-571-5400. 

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