Foster Care


The Foster Care program can be utilized as a short term or long-term placement option. The determining factors which dictate the length of stay will involve the dynamics of the natural family, as well as the behavior and adaptation of the youth. It is the objective of this program to offer an array of services to ensure the long-term goals of the youth and family are met. 


Commitment to the Child


Apex Foster Care, Inc. believes that children can and do flourish in relationships that foster a sense of belonging, commitment and compassion. Our commitment is to provide a continuum of care for youth that is conducive to personal growth and provides each child the opportunity to become independent while functioning within the family setting. We feel the children who are referred to Apex Foster Care, Inc. deserve the full effort of the professional team to communicate in a manner that connects all providers to allow for advocacy for the child and family.


Commitment to Parents and Families


Apex Foster Care, Inc. believes that the best possible foundation for children’s lives should be within their own families. In every case possible, the parents of children placed within Apex Foster Care, Inc. foster homes will be actively involved in the treatment and care of their children. When parental rights have been terminated or efforts to involve the birth parents have failed, Apex Foster Care, Inc. will make every effort to work with potential adoptive or long- term foster families to assist with that transition.


Commitment to the Community


Apex Foster Care, Inc. believes that we must set a precedent within our community. Our goal is to help at-risk children and families learn to be productive, capable and contributing members of society. We believe it really does “take a village to raise a child”. Our efforts will focus on utilizing community resources but will also encompass educating the community relative to the needs of at-risk children and families. 


Program Philosophy, Goals and Objectives


The goal of our agency is that every youth served will successfully transition to permanency by way of reunification, adoption, guardianship or independent living. Our treatment approach will include:

  • Provision of a safe environment for children placed in our care.
  • Encouragement and facilitation of individual and family therapy.
  • Maintenance of family connections
  • Development of individualized treatment plans that driven by the choice and input of the youth, biological parents and/or family members, foster parents, and all involved professionals.
  • Skill building that will assist the youth’s psychosocial functioning.
  • Assist in the identification and development of strengths through mentoring and positive reinforcement.
  • Smooth transition to less restrictive levels of care by communicating and working with those involved in the process.



Admission Criteria and Target Population


To qualify for Foster Care services at Apex Foster Care, Inc. the following criteria will be considered:

  • In-home services have been tried and have failed or were not appropriate for the family.
  • Ages ranging from 0-19 years
  • Victims of abuse or neglect 
  • Court involvement
  • Referred by service area contracting agency or NDHHS


             Becoming a Foster Parent

Individuals who wish to become a licensed Foster Parent must complete 30 hours of PS-MAPP Training (Partnering for Safety and Permanence-Modeling Approach to Partnerships in Parenting). The training course informs individuals about the child welfare system and the role of Foster Parents. This training will also shed light on the various issues Foster Parents will potentially experience and the many difficulties Foster Children will experience. You will also receive agency specific training and techniques to deal with these difficult situations. Additional requirements for licensure are as follows:


  • Child Abuse Registry Check
  • Adult Abuse Registry Check
  • Sex Offender Registry Check
  • Criminal Background Check with local law enforcement agency
  • Fingerprint - based Nebraska State Patrol and National Criminal History Check
  • Health screening completed by a Health Practitioner
  • Personal Interviews and Home Study Assessment
  • References
  • Valid Nebraska Driver’s License
  • Ownership of a vehicle which is in safe operating condition
  • Income Verification


Our Licensing Specialists will set up an initial in-home interview to meet potential Foster Parents prior to the Training Coursse and answer any questions or concerns you may have, as well as to complete a walk-through of your home. At that time, we will provide you with the necessary paperwork to begin the licensing process 


If you have additional questions please contact a Licensing Specialist today!





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