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In 2012 our sister company, Apex Youth Services, opened a new facility to provide services to youth ages 13-18 in Foster Care when they are not attending school and during summer months.


AYS was opened with education as our top priority because we believe that, whether they have been suspended or are not yet enrolled, every student deserves the opportunity to continue working on his or her education when a traditional school setting is not an option.


Independent Living Skills are also extremely important for the youth we serve and are a main component of our programming. We try to educate our youth about the challenges they will face and prepare them in any way we can for being independent adults.


Our program provides a structured setting designed to encourage our youth to learn; not only about subjects like Math, English, & Science, but also about themselves and those around them. Whether a youth participates in our program for a day or for a week, we encourage them to be independent and goal oriented through education and self awareness.


Throughout each day that a youth attends AYS we provide positive feedback and reinforcement and encourage the youth to focus more on their positive attributes rather than the negative. We teach self promotion through individual as well as group activities and interactions with the hope that they will leave our facility with the ability to better identify their positive qualities and use them to be successful long term.


If you provide services for a youth in Foster Care who you feel would benefit from our program and would like more information please contact:


Bryce Johnson

Apex Youth Services Director


Hours of operation: 7am-6pm, Monday through Friday

Location: 9945 Maple Street

Transportation is available

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