Community Resources for Youth in Foster Care

We understand the challenges that our teens face when preparing to "age out" of Foster Care and we are committed to doing everything we can to set our kids up to succeed as adults. There are numerous resources available to our youth to assist them in preparing for independence and we have provided information regarding each program along with links below. We are working hard to build relationships with the organizations and individuals responsible for providing and connecting youth to these services.


If you have questions regarding any of the guidelines and resources and/or would like help with any of the applications please feel free to contact your Foster Care Specialist and they will be more than happy to assist you with this process.


A comprehensive guide for Youth describing every aspect of Foster Care, including the services and supports available to you while you are in care and after discharge.



Do you feel like you can make a difference for other youth in Foster Care because of your own personal expriences? Become a member of the NFYC for the opportunity to meet other youth experiencing the same challenges you have faced and work to make changes in the system for future generations. Visit the link above for more information and/or click here for a printable brochure.


Provides a wide variety of resources available for youth preparing to strike out on their owm. This link will take you directly to the list of services with links provided for each of them. Some of the individual links are also provided in the list below.


A 36 page guide for creating your own Transition Plan into adulthood.



  • Terwilliger Scholarship for youth planning to attend school at a University of Nebraska campus
  • Education and Training Vouchers Program provides funds to help pay for tuition, books, and school related costs
  • Former Ward Program assists with rent, weekend meals, and laundry
  • Avenue Scholars - members receive academic, social and financial planning services. Visit for more information about the program


  • Partnership for Youth Development
  • YouthBuild Omaha
  • Construction Skills Training Program


Educates young adults on how to find and keep affordable housing. Participants are able to earn a certificate which will increase their opportunities to secure housing with no credit and no rental history.



Offers an Independent Living Specialist to assist with housing, education, employment, money management, transportation, health and relationships. A printable application can be downloaded by clicking here.


  • Opportunity Passport - assitance with saving money for big expenses. A printable flyer can be downloaded by clicking here.
  • Need Based Fund - financial assistance for transitioning youth ages 16-24; printable application can be dowloaded by clicking here or visit their web page at
  • Housing Advocate - assistance with finding affordable housing in Omaha
  • Nebraska Friends of Foster Children - financial assistance for youth under the age of 19; A printable application can be downloaded by clicking here.



Provides each youth with the opportunity to express their thougths and concerns directly to the judge overseeing their case. This form can be filled out and given to your Foster Care Specialist, GAL, CASA Worker, or sent directly to the court; Instructions are included on page 1. A printable questionairre can be downloaded by clicking here.



National Suicide Hotline  1-800-273-8255


BoysTown Hotline 1-800-448-1833





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